Bicycle Accident Attorney Houston

In the last few years, traffic has increased on roads. Due to this, the number of accidents involving bicyclists has also increased. Even bike riders have the same right to use roadways and streets like any other vehicle like bus, car, taxi or truck. However, there has always been a prejudice regarding this situation. When a bike rider’s rights are violated in any manner, he has the right to receive a fair compensation for any injuries or damages. In such cases, you need legal help and advice from an experienced personal injury lawyer like Rogelio Garcia.

bicycle-accident-attorney-houston-rogelio-garciaThere’s no doubt that a collision with a car is a bicyclist’s most common fear. Most of the people want to ride bikes, but don’t, only because they’re afraid of getting hit by a car. People never feel safe because of faulty or non-existent infrastructure. It is worth mentioning that not every accident involving a bicyclist involves some other vehicle. You may also be involved in a solo accident because of the defects in your bike or some hazard on the road. In every case, the injured bicyclist has a right to legal representation and fair compensation.

Car-on-Bike Accident – What Should You Do?

If you’ve been involved in a car-on-bike accident, you should stay in the same place until Police has arrived. You should also wait for the medical team to check your injuries. After a bicycle accident, it may take several hours before you feel any significant pain. Therefore, you should never neglect your injuries. Even a minor injury can cause some serious problems in the long run. You should receive appropriate medical attention before moving on.

You should never try to negotiate with a negligent driver or someone else involved in the accident. It is always better to fill out an accident report to tell your side of the story. Most of the time, negligent drivers take responsibility initially. However, they change their account when the Police arrives. Therefore, you should make sure everything is properly documented in the accident report. Whatever you mention in the accident report will go a long way in your case. Therefore, you need to be precise and accurate.

Moreover, before talking with an insurance company, you should consult your personal injury lawyer. Any piece of information you share with the insurance company can be used against you in the trial.

rogelio garcia lawyer (6)Experience Matters

Rogelio Garcia has a proper understanding of bicycle traffic laws and personal injury cases. He has an extensive experience in handling all kinds of personal injury cases, including bicycle accident cases. He has always been committed and dedicated to help his clients receive fair compensation for physical injuries and emotional trauma.

He understands that bicycling accidents can be destructive and devastating for your life. An injury caused during a bicycling accident can be very dangerous. Therefore, you need someone who understands what you’re going through. An experienced personal injury attorney like Rogelio Garcia will be able to help you receive a good compensation for your suffering. He will make sure negligent parties don’t escape justice.