Crime Victim Attorney Houston

In case you have been the victim of a major crime, it is possible that you were traumatized by the experience. The effects of a serious crime can be overwhelming. Some of them include financial hardship, medical bills and emotional trauma. Such effects can be devastating and destructive for your life. They may even affect your health and overall well being.

Even if the perpetrator was arrested and convicted, you may have to suffer because of these effects for many years to come. Fortunately, in some cases, you may be able to receive a fair compensation for your emotional suffering and financial losses.

crime-victim-attorney-houston-rogelio-garciaIf you have been the victim of a serious crime and seek a fair compensation, you should consult Rogelio Garcia. He is a highly qualified and experienced crime victim compensation and personal injury lawyer. He has a lot of extensive experience in this area of law. For many years, he has been representing clients in Houston, Texas. He aims to get you a fair compensation and justice for any wrong done to you.

You can easily call him or consult via an email. You can also ask for a free consultation. During the first meeting, he will evaluate and analyze your situation, explain basics of the legal process and discuss your chances for compensation.

Success Rate in Crime Victim Compensation Cases

When we talk about crime victim compensation cases, the law is quite clear. A party or person who intentionally causes any harm to another person through a criminal act or whose recklessness or negligence creates any condition that may facilitate a criminal act, will be liable for damages. However, it can be quite difficult to get you a fair compensation in such cases.

There are many criminals who don’t have any insurance coverage or significant financial resources. Therefore, they may be unable to provide you with any compensation. But, if the crime occurred because a property owner failed to maintain safe premises or could not supervise an employee, he may be liable for compensation.

Similarly, if you’ve been the victim of a rape, sexual assault, gun-related or some other crime, emotional and physical pain may easily linger. When you take an action against the culprit, you’re able to achieve closure and receive a fair compensation for every wrong done to you.
Roger Garcia03When you consult Rogelio Garcia to handle your case, he will carefully and properly research every aspect of your case. He will try to identify the people who were responsible for causing harm to you or your loved ones. He will also asses the maximum extent of your suffering and losses. His primary goal is to maximize the amount of compensation you receive from different sources.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily consult his law firm for a free consultation. You can reach him via email or phone. You can also visit his website to gather more information about his practice. It is also worth mentioning that Rogelio Garcia’s firm handles personal injury and crime victim compensation cases on a contingency basis. Therefore, you will not owe anything to the firm until you’ve received compensation.