Houston 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

Almost every case involving a Commercial Motor Vehicle is substantially different from a standard automobile collision. The term Commercial Motor Vehicle’ is used to represent dump trucks, eighteen wheelers, freightliners, box trucks, bucket trucks and a wide range of large vehicles used commercially. The Government has designed numerous State and Federal laws that specifically apply to Commercial Motor Vehicles and even industries that use them.

In case your vehicle has been involved in an accident, it is extremely important to hire a professional, qualified and experienced 18 wheeler accident attorney like Rogelio Garcia. He has tremendous experience in handling such cases to make sure every potential violation against your vehicle is thoroughly explored.

Many different factors can lead to collisions involving Commercial Motor Vehicles. Some of the common ones include :

  • Driver suffering from fatigue because of long hoursrogelio-garcia-18-wheeler-accident-attorney-houston
  • Inability to maintain an appropriate lookout
  • Using alcohol, illegal drugs, over the counter drugs
  • Overloading a vehicle
  • Failure securing a load which may result in spillage or lost load
  • Overspeeding
  • Failure to appropriately use the braking system
  • Tires not properly inflated
  • Negligent driving
  • Irresponsible or negligent hiring of drivers
  • Drivers or loaders not properly trained and qualified
  • Violating rules regarding Federal Hours of Service

Almost every business organization or insurance company operating or managing Commercial Motor Vehicles employs damage control personnel. These employees are properly trained to respond in emergency conditions and collisions. They help in minimizing potential liability exposure of a business organization for a driver’s negligent conduct.  However, it is extremely important to hire a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to minimize damages to your finances and reputation. A personal injury attorney knows how to act quickly and obtain crucial evidence to make a strong case. Rogelio Garcia’s law firm begins investigation without wasting any time.

While trying to obtain information, a personal injury attorney needs to consider some important factors. It is important he knows what to look for. A personal injury attorney needs to be qualified to determine which specific actions are required after a Commercial Motor Vehicle has been involved in an accident. A personal injury attorney needs to :

  • Investigate a truck driver’s activities. There are recorded on tracking and GPS systems.
  • Examine the vehicle’s black box which records everything from brake applications to speeds.
  • Review log books of drivers and other records required by the Federal Government. Usually, these include pre and post trip inspections.
  • Acquire drug tests, driving history, alcohol tests.
  • Secure crucial statements of witnesses, photos and police reports.
  • Subpoena all kinds of vehicle maintenance records
  • Obtain orders, bills of lading, receipts and other vital documents regarding the load.
  • Examine work records and pay stubs
  • Obtain important records, toll tags, vehicle weight tickets.
  • Take precise measurements of vehicle damage, skid marks and accident scene.

Rogelio Garcia’s firm takes immediate and appropriate steps to preserve crucial evidence and even uncover other facts.

Rogelio Garcia makes every possible effort to resolve cases in a timely and caring manner. He makes sure you are always satisfied with the services and receive a fair compensation for any damages caused to you by another party. He acts with integrity and ensures that all your needs are met. Consult him today if you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident.