Motorcycle Accident Attorney Houston

With unstable economy and subsequently rising cost of fuel, most people prefer commuting by motorcycle. It is indeed one of the most economical and convenient ways to commute from one place to another. They are more affordable and faster than other means of transportation such as cars and trucks. The best part is that motorcycle are relatively small in structure and can help anyone reach to the desired destination is half the time taken by bulgy and large cars. However, with all the benefits, traveling by motorcycle has its own set of drawbacks too. Needless to say, this agile vehicle is prone to serious body injuries at the time of accident. According to recent statistics by National Highway Traffic Safety Association, nearly 4,008 motorcycle riders were killed in the United States in 2004, which is approximately an 8% increase from 2003.

motorcycle-accident-attorney-houston-rogelio-garciaIf you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and your insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement for your accident-related expenses, it’s time you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to file a lawsuit. A lot of people hesitate to file a lawsuit, due to lack of knowledge and experience. Rogelio Garcia, an experienced attorney in Houston, Texas specialize in undertaking cased related to motorcycle accidents. He has the expertise and skills to help his clients get the right amount of compensation without having to go through difficult lawsuit procedures. Experienced Houston attorney can help you pursue maximum financial compensation from the responsible party.

Increasing Cases of Motorcycle Accidents

Statistically speaking, over four million motorcycles are registered in the United States and approximately 5% of motorcycle fatalities take place annually. In 2006, 4,935 people were killed in a motorcycle accident of different types. Out of all the accidents, nearly three-fourths of motorcycle accidents involved a collision with another vehicle. In most of the vehicle accidents, the automobile rider violated the traffic rules, thus causing the accidents. The most prominent cause of motorcycle accidents was the failure of motorcycle riders to detect the other rider or vehicle’s driver before collision, or it was done too late. Most of the accidents occur at an intersection, leaving no scope for the motorist to protect himself.

rogelio-garcia-houston-motorcycle-accident-lawyerRecovering Damages For Your Injuries

Motorcycle riders are often not able to sustain the injuries if they are not geared up properly. As a result, motorcycle riders get severely injured or even get killed without even any fault. Reckless drivers and drunk driving are two major reasons for increasing motorcycle accidents. Even riders who are fully covered with protection gears and drive carefully become the victim of inattentive driving. They can get injured due to other’s fault or simply get struck my trucks, or cars.

If you were involved in a collision while riding your motorcycle, you should immediately seek medical assistance. Contacting next Houston motorcycle accident attorney, Rogelio Garcia should be your next step. The motorcycle accident attorney will investigate every aspect of your case to determine the fair cost of your accident related injuries. He will also take into consideration the present and future medical bills, lost wages, damaged automobile and pain and suffering. After analyzing all these factors, he will prepare a demand package outlining the true value of your claim. This package is them presented to the defendant’s insurance company, while preserving your right to personal injury. You owe it to yourself, call today!