Pedestrian Accident Attorney Houston

Rogelio Garcia has been working as a Personal Injury lawyer in Houston for a very long time. In recent years, he has handled and resolved numerous cases associated with personal injury law. His success rate is better than most personal injury lawyers in Houston. Before we discuss his field of practice and the importance of hiring a pedestrian accident attorney in various circumstances, let us provide some astonishing facts.

rogelio-garcia-houston-pedestrian-accident-lawyerAccording to reports, a pedestrian is killed every two hours in an accident which could have been prevented. This amounts to over 4,000 deaths every year. Roadway safety has been designed on the basis of a balance between people on the road and cars strictly obeying traffic laws. However, there are some people who fail to obey traffic laws because of their negligence and cause accidents.

It is quite common for a person to break traffic laws because of various factors associated with human nature. Some of these include traffic jams, stress, impatience and even power trips. If you’ve been the victim of a pedestrian accident because of someone else’s negligence, it is very important to consult a highly qualified and experienced personal injury or pedestrian accident attorney.

According to reports, more than half of the road accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers. Moreover, reports and studies also show that accidents involving illegal substances and alcohol are more likely to result in fatal wounds. Most of the accidents caused by intoxicated drivers occur at night in suburban areas. Decreased reaction time and visibility can cause drivers to break laws and hurt others.

Within a second, a family may be destroyed, a child may be killed or a pet may not see the light of another day. In fact, over one-fifth of pedestrians hit by drunk drivers are under 12 years of age. An experienced attorney will see many different scenarios to help you receive a fair compensation to reconstruct your life. The following conditions are commonly checked by a pedestrian accident attorney :

  • Crossing without help from crosswalks or signal lights
  • Vehicles driving into safe or pedestrian friendly zones
  • Inadequate usage of headlights
  • Overspeeding
  • Failure to stop for unboarding passengers from buses

Although cars are more likely to practice negligent or reckless driving, it is also important for pedestrians to follow traffic rules and laws. While vehicles need to abide by speed, airbag and weight protection laws, pedestrians should follow the direction and flow of cars properly. Pedestrians should also obey traffic lights. Once they’ve reached the crosswalk, it is the duty of the driver to yield. The same is true for pedestrian passings through alleys and sidewalks. Drivers should wait until passengers have crossed.

A highly qualified, experienced and skilled attorney like Rogelio Garcia can help determine the liability in situations related to accidents. He can help you receive a fair compensation and reduce the burden of managing your medical bills on your own. Pedestrian accident attorneys in his firm handle pedestrian accidents, regulation disputes, wrongful death cases and other such instances. He will help you receive a fair amount of compensation to move on with your life with some dignity.