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According to statistics, people living in Texas are more susceptible to losing a loved one in an accident. For the last two decades, Texas has ranked at the top of the list of fatal occupational injuries. In fact, Texas also ranked second regarding fatal car crashes for two consecutive years (2003-04). It was at the top regarding deaths from commercial trucking accidents.

Most of these accidents are caused by drunk drivers or negligence. If you or a loved one has been involved in such an accident, it’s time to call an experienced personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Personal Injury lawyer, Rogelio Garcia, has worked with a lot of people whose loved ones died in accidents. Due to his experience and expertise, he has been able to develop a profound knowledge base and understanding of how lives are affected because of fatal accidents. He can provide support and guidance to people who’ve lost companionship, love and financial support.

Specialized Wrongful and Accidental Death Lawyer in Houston

A wrongful and accidental death lawyer in Houston specializes in handling wrongful and accidental death cases throughout Houston. In case you need an experienced personal injury lawyer, you need to look for the best in the business. You should consult someone who has years of experience in handling such cases.

A death in Houston is determined to be wrongful or accidental on the basis of various circumstances related to the incident. An individual who dies because of a careless act or negligence by another person, or an an intentional act to cause harm is referred to as a decedent.

Some common examples of carelessness or negligence by another person or company include reckless driving, failing to diagnose a terminal ailment, unintentionally fatal injuries, failing to suggest medical treatment for a major disease, manufacturing a dangerous or defective product, construction of a dangerous building, hazardous workplace incident and others.

A wrongful or accidental death is caused because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Every state in America has a wrongful death statute’ which lists all the procedures for bringing wrongful death actions. In almost every state, the decedent’s family members, like surviving children and spouses, bring the action.

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Rogelio Garcia has been providing legal representation for traumatized clients who seek damages in wrongful death cases. He has an experience of over 20 years in the business. Most of the time, wrongful death claims arise from personal injury accidents. Such accidents usually lead to the premature death of a victim.

Most of the wrongful death or personal injury cases arise from construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving accidents, workplace injuries, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, under-rides, rollovers, explosions and fires.

A wrongful death claim is filed when reckless, negligence or intentional actions cause sudden death of a family member. Wrongful death can also occur from a person hitting his or her head, falling or not receiving appropriate treatment in a timely manner. Even getting killed because of ride malfunctions at an amusement park is considered to be wrongful death. In simple terms, any accidental death forms the basis for a wrongful death claim.